Our programs focus on high-quality preschool education, vocational training and labour market integration to enable a better future for children and young adults. We also support farmers to practise sustainable agriculture and increase their food security. By educating and raising awareness in the area of climate change, Vivamos Mejor helps indigenous families protect themselves against extreme weather events and other natural hazards. 

Local embeddedness

Vivamos Mejor realises all its projects in close cooperation with professional local partner organisations that exclusively employ local personnel. Through training and capacity building, we share our knowledge with local communities and authorities, who take complete ownership of their responsibilities and are accountable for results. Our beneficiaries receive an initial helping hand, but right from the start, they do much of the work themselves to establish an independent foundation. After the conclusion of the project, local stakeholders continue to manage the work.


As an organisation committed to continuous learning, we closely monitor and assess the results of our work in cooperation with Swiss and local universities.

Vivamos Mejor is the winner of the 2015 Impact Award by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) & Centre for Development and Cooperation (ETH-NADEL). Vivamos Mejor has been certified by the Zewo Foundation since 1992.



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